• I will keep this brief

    I am the female version of Tony Stark so please try to keep up.


    You will either be inspired by me or intimidated by me. The choice is yours.



    My humor is rare so if you get offended easily, do not waste your time either, because, well to be honest, I simply just do not care what others think of me. Please do not waste my time or yours by sending me useless messages that are not business related.



    CEO of WTF Multimedia



    I focus on serving companies with their online presence, websites, strengthen their businesses through Digital and Social Media Marketing, SEO and PPC. I have extensive experience in large-scale website development and usability with a considerable background in social media marketing and organic and paid search.


    My Specialties are as follows


    Search Engine Marketing

    Social Media Marketing

    Search Engine Optimization

    Online Reputation Management

    Website Design / Development / Usability

    Keyword Research & Analysis

    Link Building

    PPC Bid Management

    Quality Score Optimization

    E-commerce Solutions

    E-mail Marketing

    Web Analytics



    "A lot of people run a race to see who is fastest. I run to see who has the most guts, who can punish himself into exhausting pace, and then at the end, punish himself even more."


    At one point in my life I seriously believed I was the Virgin Mary. Just let me know if you would like to hear that story.







    Founder CSI Awareness


    CSI Awareness provides complete protection to the victims of cyber stalking and cyber bullying. Based in Nashville Tennessee, CSI Awareness was founded by Kris Degioia to provide software (they created) and services to victims of cyber bullying, cyber harassment, cyberstalking, and human trafficking.


    Within the past month Tennessee law enforcement has started implementing their software, to help victims.


    The co-founder of CSI Awareness, Kris Degioia, herself is a victim of one of the biggest federal cyberstalking case in U.S. history. The company handles cyberstalking, cyberbullying, cases.

    Our goal at CSI Awareness was to create software that would be able to help law enforcement, but the online predators behind bars, along with offering emotional support, for victims and their families. We have successfully met that goal within 4 months solving over 200 cases.


    CSI Awareness provides not only software but also, helping victims with both practical help and advice as well as the emotional support they need to cope and recover from PTSD. . All the members working at the company have been the victims of the same crime and they carry firsthand experience. The company helps individuals, families and organizations alike and fights to take legal actions against the criminals.









    Social links

    Twitter @kris_degioia @wtf_multimedia @stalking_cyber
    Instagram @kris_degioia @wtf_multimedia
    Facebook @WTFMUlLTIMEDIA, @KrisDegioia, @csiawareness
    LinkedIn www.linkedin.com/in/krisdegioia



    Random Facts

    1) Sending me a message and hitting on me will most definitely get you black listed.


    2) I cuss a lot so if that offends you please move on to someone else.


    3) My methods are out of the box and some might call me crazy which I will own both. Why? Because I produce results.


    4) Yes I am a cyberstalking survivor, so please refrain from sending me any hate mail as that will be flagged by the government.


    5) Believe it or not I am an extremely private person. With social media or the internet in general I control what people know about me. I have mastered the art of giving very little info, making it seem as if anyone actually knows me. Leading into me stating just because you are on this site reading this or any other site regarding me does not mean you know me. You know my name but not me.


    6) Wikipedia Omg for all of you out there trying to make a Wikipedia page about me just STOP! I have no desire to have a Wikipedia page. Also Wikipedia hates me so let's not waste any time with it!


    7) I am a mother. My child always comes first in my life no matter what. Never forget that.


    Average people call me insane

    Smart people call me for advice

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