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Why I am Loving The New Facebook Changes

Last week I shared an article written by Nate Miller found here: This Is Why You Need to Delete Facebook No, I don’t know Nate personally, (I should due to he had me cracking up the entire time, signifying he is my type of people). And of course, like everyone else I was inclined to agree with him at the time….

Until I decide to implement the new changes and use them to my advantage, and holy shit the results (so far) have mind blown me.

On Sunday I decided to implement the new algorithm just for shits and giggles on my Facebook public figure page. Now I don’t do much with this page as it literally just feeds off my instagram, and had a whopping of 17–20k Followers last week.

Now I honestly wasn’t expecting much, but just by adding in the detailed targeting, see the results for yourself below.

Page views up 546%

Page reach up 7,664%

Page Likes up 136,324%


More importantly is where all these came from. Paid ads? NOPE. Outside sources? NOPE. All from Facebook news feeds? YES


My video stats of course went up, but most importantly the minutes viewed went up.


So in short my page skyrocketed in 5 short days just by adding in the detailed targeting on my page and post. I’m not stating I proved Nate Miller wrong, but the numbers speak for themselves! Now any questions?


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