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    I will keep this brief as this is my personal site, if you are wanting to find my work history head on over to LinkedIn or feel free to hit any of the links at the bottom.

    I am the female version of Tony Stark so please try to keep up.


    You will either be inspired by me or intimidated by me. The choice is yours.


    My humor is rare so if you get offended easily, do not waste your time either, because, well to be honest, I simply just do not care what others think of me. Please do not waste my time or yours by sending me useless messages to express any useless opinion you may or may not have about me.


    If you would like to believe everything you read on the internet about me, then I would have to bust your bubble with that one.

    I am not famous in any way, shape or form.

    I am simply a single mother, and a business owner who just so happened, to experience what most people only see in movies.

    I had two choices which were

    ( 1) Let it define who I am, and eventually destroy me, or

    (2) Do something about it. Of course I choose option 2 and became an advocate for cybercrimes.

    I used my influencer status in the digital world to push out the awareness on cyber-stalking, cyber bullying, and of course harassment.


    Then I formed a foundation with the technology to help others.


    I do model and I have for way too long, but I simply still do it for original content so I do not have to deal with copyright laws.


    If you somehow ended up here to request me to speak at your event you are at the wrong place, but I will make it easy for you and you can send that in just by hitting the mail button!

  • Random Facts about myself

    1) I am a mother. My children always comes first in my life, no matter what. Never forget that.


    2) My methods are out of the box and some might call me crazy which I will own both. Why? Because I produce results.


    3) Yes, I am a cyber-stalking survivor, I have a zero bullying tolerance


    4) Believe it or not I am an extremely private person. With social media or the internet in general I control what people know about me. I have mastered the art of giving very little info, making it seem as if anyone actually knows me. Leading into me stating just because you are on this site reading this or any other site regarding me does not mean you know me. You know my name but not me.


    5) Wikipedia OMG for all of you out there trying to make a Wikipedia page about me just STOP! I have no desire to have a Wikipedia page. Also, Wikipedia hates me so let's not waste any time with it!


    6) I am fully aware of the fake Instagram and fake profiles being used with my pictures under different names, if in doubt, please use the links below to get to my real accounts, while I continue to work this matter out!


    7)I am a Journalist, I you would like to be interviewed, please fill out the contact form.


    I’m living proof all it takes is for one person to stand for the rest to rise!



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